Monday, 11th of November of 2019

A EUREKA cluster joins CitiSim 


WINS@HI is a EUREKA-cluster running project (Nov 2017 – May 2020) focusing on environmental conditions in hazardous environments which are measured using sensors. These sensors will also enable failure prediction for continuous operation, tracking of health status and physical location of workers which will guide search and rescue units in case of emergency.


Friday, 25th of October of 2019

CitiSim attracts emergency lightning companies like Zemper


As part of the emergencies-related use case developed by CitiSim, smart signaling is one of the most important parts of the evacuation process. For that reason, we are glad to announce that Zemper joined the CitiSim ecosystem, adding its expertise in engineering and design of lighting and signaling emergency solutions.


Friday, 11th of October of 2019

Researchers from the University of Oviedo joining the CitiSim ecosystem


On October 8th, the CitiSim project was presented to Vicente García Díaz, a professor member of the Model-Driven Engineering research group belonging to the University of Oviedo. After the presentation of the goals and results of the CitiSim project, they resulted in innovative ideas for those members of the University, who certainly detected potential lines of collaboration with a positive impact for both parties.


Tuesday, 8th of October of 2019

Cybersecurity experts join the CitiSim ecosystem: Welcome on board Balusian


We are very proud to announce that Balusian has joined the CitiSim ecosystem in an effort for dealing with the current and continuously emerging threats. Balusian is a company that provides IT and cybersecurity services to a variety of organizations. The strategic services they work on cover assessment of cyberthreats in emerging technologies such as IOT or AI.


Monday, 19th of August of 2019

Partnership with Siemens SRL to integrate its Factory Automation products

We are proud to confirm that, after several months of hard work, we can publicly announce that Siemens SRL has joined the CitiSim community.


Monday, 18th of March of 2019

CitiSim and I-REACT Projects start collaborating in Emergencies use cases

CitiSim Project is growing up and with this growth its collaborations are getting stronger. CitiSim has the opportunity to increase the community from the perspective of the Emergencies Use Case, and due to it a new agreement of collaboration has been defined with I-REACT project.


Thursday, 30th of August of 2018

Collaboration between CitiSim & Establish

The first collaboration with an ITEA3 project has started, and we are proud to announce that ESTABLISH and CITISIM projects will collaborate to have a higher impact on smart health and smart city markets.


Tuesday, 7th of August of 2018

Wizzie joins the CitiSim ecosystem

As a consequence of the interest generated by CITISIM and its strategy to increase the impact in market, a collaboration agreement has been signed with the company Wizzie, becoming a strategic alliance for creating value-added Open Source tools.


Monday, 3rd of October of 2016

“Dunarea de Jos” University of Galati extends the research scope of the CitiSim ecosystem

The CitiSim project has just started and, apart from the 3 Spanish universities and research centres already involved, we are proud to inform that “Dunarea de Jos” University of Galati (Romania) has officially joined the CitiSim ecosystem.