Project Brochure


Project Brochure created by CitiSim consortium. It describes the project and the results that it offers. You can find it in English, Romanian and Spanish.

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Project Profile


Project Profile Leaflet created by ITEA at the start of the Project with an overall perspective of the main goals and purposes of CitiSim.

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CitiSim Website 2018 Statistics


Report about the impact of CitiSim Project in Social Media in 2018.

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State of the Art


Report created as a result of the initial technology, market and business monitoring connected with many of the aspects that CitiSim deals with.

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In this article we will explain what cybersecurity is and how it is related to Smart Cities. We’ll have a look at the main dangers that can affect smart cities managed by Intelligent Services Platforms such as CitiSim, and how they can be carried out. And most importantly, we’ll present the way we can face such threats.

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Sensor integration tutorial


This document presents how to integrate any sensor in Citisim, as example, we show the integration of Wibeee sensors.

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Presentation video of the CitiSim Project (Spanish version).

Presentation video of an e-vehicle related management platform connected with the technologies developed within the CitiSim Project.

Introduction to the CitiSim to Kafka adapter and how it forwards data from a CitiSim instance to Kafka-based platforms.

Initial version of the services developed using Microsoft HoloLens to get and display data using Augmented Reality Technologies.

Proof of concept for a company using technologies developed within the CitiSim Project to create an inventory of the assets in the Azca tunnel (Madrid).