We are happy to announce the collaboration between the CitiSim and WINS@HI in order to achieve a higher impact on smart welfare and smart city markets.
WINS@HI is a EUREKA-cluster running project (Nov 2017 – May 2020) focusing on environmental conditions in hazardous environments which are measured using sensors. These sensors will also enable failure prediction for continuous operation, tracking of health status and physical location of workers which will guide search and rescue units in case of emergency.
CitiSim is an ITEA3 Call 2 running project (Dec 2016 – Dec 2019), with the primary goal of creating a new generation platform for the smart city ecosystem. This platform will provide a robust monitoring and control infrastructure for planners to make critical management decisions on tactical and strategic levels, using different data representations such as heatmaps and 3D models.
This collaboration brings great benefits and it is based on know-how exchange. In that sense, is a project focused on air quality monitoring, WINS@HI provides know-how related to the calibration of sensors used within the CitiSim project for environmental measurements. CitiSim is a project in which advanced interfaces for data visualization were developed, thus WINS@HI gets added value in terms of representing real-time/historical information using customizable GUIs based on pollution mapping.
Special thanks to BEIA Consult International for acting as the facilitator during the process.