Wizzie joins the CitiSim ecosystem


As a consequence of the interest generated by CitiSim and its strategy to increase the impact in market, a collaboration agreement has been signed with the company Wizzie, becoming a strategic alliance for creating value-added Open Source tools.

Wizzie is a company focused on a platform for real-time processing, storage and visualization of any data type and format, which helps users in their decision-making process, giving them the tools and resources to create value out of the data and act upon it. The Wizzie Data Platform (WDP) is fully aligned with the main purposes of the CitiSim project.

As a result of this collaboration, Wizzie will develop, in conjuction with the CitiSim partners, tools like a CitiSim to Kafka adapter capable to interconnect CitiSim platform with other Kafka based platforms, common in (non) commercial solutions using Big Data technologies and data analytics, very aligned with one of the main overal targeted business of CitiSim. This piece of code will allow third-party solutions to retrieve data gathered by CitiSim sensros and it is expected to be released by 2018 2Q.

Special thanks to Abalia for work with Wizzie to do this tool.