Cybersecurity experts join the CitiSim ecosystem: Welcome on board Balusian


Nowadays, there are multiple projects that want to improve the life in the city, making it more comfortable and easier for the citizen. Many of them have been implemented in different locations, but all of them must deal with new vulnerabilities generated by this type of technology. For that reason, we are very proud to announce that Balusian has joined the CitiSim ecosystem in an effort for dealing with the current and continuously emerging threats.


As a result of CitiSim dissemination activities, such as the participation in conferences, presentations to other companies and third-parties, meetings with municipalities or collaboration with other similar projects, it has been known that there are some common fears around this kind of platforms and the control of the information. For example, there is a fear that derives from this constant connection between different services, people or machines, and it is about the loss of security of individuals. Also, in an IoT scenario, those sensors accumulate a huge amount of information, which in the current lack of legislation would be available to anyone; data such as the location of your home, your car or even if you are in them. In that sense, an important fear is about how to establish a filter for something as huge as the Internet, how can be established reliable sources and to prevent them from being altered. This saturation of the information together with the lack of a uniform architecture that allows to use a common mode for all causes that the final user, no matter how much the technologies developed for the Smart Cities are established as normal, each time that something related is presented, it hears different.


Balusian is a company that provides IT and cybersecurity services to a variety of organizations. The strategic services they work on cover assessment of cyberthreats in emerging technologies such as IOT or AI. After a meeting with Pablo Ballarin (co-founder and cybersecurity expert), it was confirmed that the goals and results of CitiSim are interesting for the company, willing to support the dissemination of the project and to help assessing in terms of privacy and security, mainly in those coming services and products, in order to find new ways to control the most negative effects, and always taking into account the reality of every environment.


CitiSim consortium is conscious about those risks and fears brought by the smart cities and, for that reason, in an additional effort for continuously increasing the security of the platform, attracting cybersecurity experts has been one of the priorities within the global strategy of the project. With the arrival of Balusian we know we are on the right way.