CitiSim attracts emergency lightning companies like Zemper

As part of the emergencies-related use case developed by CitiSim, smart signaling is one of the most important parts of the evacuation process. For that reason, we are glad to announce that Zemper joined the CitiSim ecosystem, adding its expertise in engineering and design of lighting and signaling emergency solutions.


Some time ago, members of the UCLM presented the CitiSim project to the technical staff of Zemper, a Spanish company with a high level of expertise and experience in designing and manufacturing emergency lighting products. After learning the lines of development, the company showed its interest in the goals and results of the CitiSim project, providing also knowledge and support to the smart signaling solution that will be integrated by UCLM and Abalia into the smart emergency demonstrator.


We are sure that this resulting smart signaling solution will add value to situations like evacuations in buildings, represented by our demonstrator, but also to other use cases when dealing, efficiently and safely, with the movement of people in crowded areas like exhibition grounds, shopping centers, and sports venues among others.