Partnership with Siemens SRL to integrate its Factory Automation products


We are proud to confirm that, after several months of hard work, we can publicly announce that Siemens SRL has joined the CitiSim community.

Siemens SRL, Digital Industries, has recently shown its interest in the achievements of the CitiSim project and, for that reason, it will participate in sustaining the project in Romania, in activities connected with some of the most demanded use cases in the Digital Industry market. As a result of this new collaboration, the Factory Automation department of Siemens SRL will collaborate with Beia Consulting in the integration of its products into the CitiSim ecosystem.

Certainly, this is a clear example of the interest that the CitiSim project is generating day after day in business. In that sense, we are sure that this new partnership will have a positive impact on the development of new use cases, and it will become a reference for future collaborations with other companies.