CITISIM and ESTABLISH projects start a new collaboration


The first collaboration with an ITEA3 project has started, and we are proud to announce that ESTABLISH and CitiSim projects will collaborate to have a higher impact on smart health and smart city markets.

ESTABLISH is an ITEA 3 Call 2 running project (Sep 2016 – Dec 2019), with the aim to convert (sensor) data into actionable information developing software intense applications that combine real-time sensor data with models providing real-time feedback. The application scope is services and solutions on an individual level utilizing environmental sensors (air quality, noise, heat, temperature) to improve our quality of life concerning health.

CitiSim is an ITEA3 Call 2 running project (Dec 2016 – Dec 2019), with the primary goal of creating a new generation platform for the smart city ecosystem. This platform will provide a robust monitoring and control infrastructure for planners to make critical management decisions on tactical and strategic levels, using 3D visualization techniques for natural interaction and a better understanding of the events that happen in the city.

Both international consortiums are conscious of the benefits of this collaboration. For this reason, joining efforts and sharing knowledge will involve on new capabilities for both projects, where 3D visualization and integrating health-related data become the key aspects of this collaboration, providing new services and tools for increasing impact in market.

Special thanks to Prodevelop and BEIA Consult International for acting as the facilitators during the process.