CitiSim and I-REACT Projects start collaborating in Emergencies use cases


CitiSim Project is growing up and with this growth its collaborations are getting stronger. CitiSim has the opportunity to increase the community from the perspective of the Emergencies Use Case, and due to it a new agreement of collaboration has been defined with I-REACT project.

Due to climate change, floods, wildfires and other extreme weather events are becoming more frequent and intense. This scenario poses a challenge for current risk management systems.

I-REACT is an H2020 project which is working on develop a solution through the integration and modelling of data coming from multiple sources. Information from European monitoring systems, Earth observations, historical information and weather forecasts will be combined with data gathered by new technological developments created by I-REACT. These include a mobile app and a social media analysis tool to account for real-time crowdsourced information, drones to improve mapping, wearables to improve positioning, as well as augmented reality glasses to facilitate reporting and information visualization by first responders. With this approach I-REACT will be able to empower stakeholders in the prevention and management of disasters. Citizens will be involved in reporting first-hand information, policymakers will be supported in the decision-making process, and first responders will be equipped with essential tools for early warning and response.

The H2020 I-REACT and ITEA3 CitiSim projects are aligned with the Emergencies use case. While CitiSim offers the cognitive monitoring, simulation and planning capabilities, I-REACT offers a perspective more focused on the action and decision making during the emergency itself. For this reason, both projects agree to start collaborating sharing knowledge and in dissemination activities, showing that alignment to third-parties and creating new opportunities to collaborate in the future.