V Intelligent Buildings Congress

V Intelligent Buildings Congress

Thursday, 16th of May of 2019

Last May 14th of 2019, “V Congreso Edificios Inteligentes” was held in the COAM, Official College of Architects of Madrid. This congress is the main professional forum about Intelligent Buildings in Spain.

Prodevelop, UCLM, Answare and Abalia (members of the Spanish Consortium), prepared a paper called “Use of 3D and augmented reality for intelligent building management based on the CitiSim Platform” which was selected to be part of the presentation.

Felix Villanueva from The University of Ciudad Real presented how CitiSim supports the digitization of traditional services and the new ones. It is detailed how 3D visualization and augmented reality play a key role within CitiSim, when it comes to monitoring and managing smart buildings integrated into a city framework in a revolutionary and intuitive way, both for users as for the managers of the facilities.

Abalia presented CitiSim at the “Why technology is the future” A&G Banca PrivadaThe event was a great moment to share the innovation of CitiSim and a good chance to know about different projects relative with Smart City World.