Citisim leads the creation of the smart platform alliance (SPA)

Citisim leads the creation of the smart platform alliance (SPA)

The project Citisim, with the help of the project, Establish lead the creation of the smart platform alliance, a community initiative designed to publicize the solutions developed in R & D projects related to the domain of the smart city.

The community was officially launched at the SCEWC19, and several projects are interested in joining us. We hope to announce new members in the following weeks.

What is Smart Platform Alliance?

It is a community of knowledge and technology providers in the domain of intelligent cities with the aim of serving as support and reference for cities that want to implement solutions for Smart Cities.

This community has been created by several European research projects in the field of intelligent cities to publicize their research and advanced solutions. All the companies, research centers, and projects interested in the topic can join the community. 


  • Put in contact smart city technological/knowledge/Experts providers with cities / communities / regions /buildings / industry /tourism
  • Collaborate in the definition of standard, interoperability between components and platforms.
  • Disseminate best solutions in the smart city domain
  • Market analysis and SOTA  in the smart city domain
  • Directory of solutions and providers in the smart city domain
  • Try to integrate other alliances/associations and R&D&i projects 
  • Try to collaborate with other municipalities or civil associations 

How to Collaborate?

At the technological level, a smart city solution is based on a horizontal platform (see Figure 1), on top of which different verticals or solutions are built.   On one hand,  a smart platform is composed of a set of layers and components, on the other hand,  a vertical solution has composed of a set of use cases in a specific theme.   

As a member of the community you can collaborate in the different areas of a smart platform: Platform in general, Vertical solution or Smart platform components.

The most demanded verticals are Environment, Water management, Smart Energy, Waste collection, smart Mobility, tourism, e-government/citizens, security/emergencies, leisure and culture, smart buildings,  urbanism, and road infrastructures.

Figure 1: example of a smart city architecture

Activities of the SPA

The main objective is to disseminate knowledge in the field of the intelligent city, this will range from standards to solutions or good practices.  The main focus of dissemination will be through the community website and through the creation of articles and sectoral reports that we develop and publish through media and conferences. 

Another activity of the community will be to publicize new calls for projects related to the smart cities and help to set up consortia to submit projects to such calls. 

Join the Community

If you are interested in the platform and want to know more, please contact us through our website: