Second ITEA Review of the CitiSim Project

Second ITEA Review of the CitiSim Project

Friday, 25th of January of 2019

CitiSim Project has just passed with a positive feedback its second ITEA Review on January 24th. The University Polytechnic of Madrid hosted this event in its facilities.

The day before, all the partners of the CitiSim international consortium travelled to Madrid to prepare the review and to put all the points in common. This working session was a great opportunity to have a rehearsal session with the mentor, solving questions and being more confident about how to proceed during the presentation itself. It was a really intensive session with a lot of collaboration and commitment from all the partners.

The Review was a complete vision of the Project Status, involving all the parties. On one hand, the ITEA reviewers could offer their opinions about the CitiSim Project and some key points that should be solved towards the Final Review as a way to continue improving. On the other hand, all the partners shared their different contributions, how they are increasing the collaboration among them and how they expect to make business out of the results. It was highlighted the collaboration as an international consortium, with a single and unified platform and not isolated projects per partner. For this reason, this project will provide a new open-mind product and a real community with many opportunities, aspects that were highly praised by ITEA Reviewers.

After the review, all the partners celebrated a Kick-off meeting to share their impression about the review and to plan the strategy towards the last part of the project. They analysed the different comments that reviewers made about the project and together defined the next steps for creating a community. Apart from the creation of the final pilots, dissemination and exploitation activities will be a very important goal on 2019.

As a conclusion, this Second Review showed that CitiSim is growing up and each effort is being noticed. Thank you very much to all the participants to this event.