Protecting the Smart City with the CitiSim platform

Protecting the Smart City with the CitiSim platform

Why are city infrastructures attacked? What are the main threats? Where are the most common vulnerabilities located in the Smart City platforms?

Smart Cities technology such as smart traffic control, smart energy management, smart parking, smart water management, smart street lighting, smart public transportation or security, bring (and will bring) a number of improvements to the way cities are managed. But they also open new cybersecurity worries.

CitiSim is an Intelligent Services Platform whose main goal is devoted to the design and implementation of a new generation platform for the smart city ecosystem. For that reason, we are conscious of the threats in terms of cybersecurity and we want to contribute with the community to fight against them.

In this article, created by cybersecurity experts of Balusian, it is explained what cybersecurity is and how it is related to Smart Cities. Then, it is presented an overview of the main dangers that can affect Smart Cities managed by Intelligent Services Platforms such as Citisim, and how we can face such threats.

You can download the article here.