Paper presented at 6th Mobility IoT 2019

Paper presented at 6th Mobility IoT 2019

Altfactor and Beia collaborate in writing a paper for Mobility IoT 2019 – 6th EAI International Conference on Smart Cities. It was held in Krynica-Zdrój, Poland and the main theme was Mobility of the Future.

The purpose of the conference was to present the latest technological innovations in the field of smart cities, Industry 4.0, smart / social mobility, IoT etc.

Also, the conference introduced the latest smart industrial innovations in business models, data analysis, strategic planning, etc.

Our paper, “Smart City platform based on citizen reporting services” wrote by G. Suciu, L. A. Necula, V. Jelea, D. S. Cristea, C. C. Rusu, L. R. Mistodie, and M. Ivanov, was focused on the design and implementation of CitiSim platform for the smart city ecosystem, developed to offer information on multiple urban dimensions, and whose knowledge provides a direct impact on a large spectrum of users with different interests.

Thank you Altfactor and Beia for your great work.