Kafka-based platforms can now join the CitiSim ecosystem

Kafka-based platforms can now join the CitiSim ecosystem

Tuesday, 7th of August of 2018

As a result of the increasing interest in the CitiSim project and the first collaboration with a private company (out of the international consortium), a CitiSim to Kafka adapter has been developed, becoming an open door to other Big Data and Analytics solutions and a clear mechanism to add value and to increase the impact in the market.

This piece of code allows to interconnect the CitiSim platform with other Kafka-based platforms, like WDP (Wizzie Data Platform), where those third-party solutions can retrieve information gathered by the CitiSim sensors and use it to increase the value of their data.

The video below displays how this adapter acts as a mirror for all the messages received by the ZeroC ICE broker, used by CitiSim to collect all the data gathered by the sensors. By the use of the CitiSim library (libcitisim), this adapter consumes CitiSim events and forwards them to a Kafka broker, making them available for other analysis tools based on the latter.

This software is implemented using a Python script that runs in a service-manner: it will forward messages as long as it is running.

This adapter is Open Source software and can be downloaded from its repository.

 Author: Carlos Jimenez

Company: Abalia