Distributed teams together in the “CitiSim’s Integration Day”

Distributed teams together in the “CitiSim’s Integration Day”

Last Friday, the 18th of October, the CitiSim consortium celebrated an integration meeting to deal with the last aspects of the final demonstrator. It was a very successful session, where all the partners got a clear idea about what will be presented in the final review and minor details to be improved over the next weeks to have a successful review.

The working day started with the sun rising, and the main goals were to confirm the integration of all the components of the multiple demonstrators with exciting value-added features that were developed during the last weeks. Despite the fact of using an iterative and incremental development methodology, integration among distributed teams belonging to different partners sometimes becomes a challenge. For that reason, this working session was considered as an internal review, with a clear focus on the tangible demonstrators that can be expected towards the ITEA final review.

This session involved multiple distributed teams and, to make it easier, Ciudad Real and Bucharest became the 2 remote working sites interconnected by the Internet.

On one hand, the Spanish partners (Abalia, Answare, Prodevelop, and Taiger) together with the ARCO group at the UCLM (ITSI building) in Ciudad Real. They managed to check the physical devices, already deployed, that will be used within the Smart Emergencies pilot, validating the script of the evacuation to be simulated. In the same way, they confirmed that all the developments of the other complimentary demonstrators were integrated and running in their last version. Data visualization integrating 3D modeling and interaction using augmented reality were some of the most exciting points.

On the other hand, the Romanian consortium joined together Beia and Altfactor in Bucharest, at Beia’s headquarters. Apart from confirming the integration status of their pilots, they took advantage of their smart mobility solution to present a real-world deployment, with real-time data gathered by a sensor in a car (driven by members of Altfactor’s team) moving from Bucharest to Galati.

Demonstrators of several products became a reality some time ago in the form of an MVP, but iteration after iteration, new innovative features were added and new products released, all aligned with the demands of the market. In that sense, this working session was a clear example of commitment and collaborative teamwork among all the partners towards a successful end of the project.