Collaborative Intelligence in Smart Platforms

Collaborative Intelligence in Smart Platforms

There are several concepts around Smart cities and IoT technologies. Collaborative intelligence is the way to make citizens part of this new way to understand the city. Indeed, the Smart City concept is currently growing.  We design infrastructures that allow citizens a greater simplicity in daily processes, develop applications to increase the effectiveness of the city and thereby reduce the consumption of primary products, scarce or expensive to waste.

The growth of cities and the new needs emerging causes that using intelligent platforms as CitiSim is important for the best functioning of a city. Intelligent platforms provide results using data from sensors and direct information of the citizens. This form of data collection is called citizen collaboration or collaborative intelligence.

There are many cities developing several ways to get smarter, through direct applications for the citizen, changing the way in which the city is managed, collaborating directly with projects that offer technological solutions allowing people greater freedom to human potential. Cities like Vienna are changing the way the city is understood by a plan that combines the opportunities of digitization with traditional concepts, creating a network of rooms and public housing in the best areas of the city that allows citizens to increase their purchasing power and avoiding the creation of ghettos.  Other cities like Vigo has implemented an intelligent parking system in open spaces, reducing noise pollution, atmospheric pollution, congestion and insecurity, energy consumption and the visual impact of cars in the city center, with this platform consisting of an app and the use of luminous signs is communicated to the user of the types, number, and proximity of these car parks.

In the same line, CitiSim offers several services where the above-mentioned collaborative intelligence becomes very important.  The citizen could report, inform and access certain data to develop its own assessments.  Unlike other projects, CitiSim not only focuses on a single-use case, but the potential of the platform is also so high that it can be adapted to the needs of each population.

The Citizen Reporting Service of Citisim platform consists of a mobile app which connects citizen with the responsible authorities. The events created have different degrees of urgency, and with this, the action in the incidents that occurred in the city could be much faster and more efficiently.   With the reports made by the citizen, the emergency services, public administration, and city councils can develop proper management of the problems, facilitating the priority between them and reducing the recurrence risk. Sensors that detect incidences can be deployed anywhere, allowing the authorities a greater control of the most problematic areas or the citizen to feel greater security with the control of what he needs, fire detection is a growing and serious problem in our country, deploying appropriate sensors would not be necessary to wait for the fire to be visible in the distance or detected by a user, which allows rapid mitigation and thereby a reduction of the high problems they cause.

CitiSim offers a high potential of integration between services and other platforms, with this and the Citizen Reporting, existing services such as the Smart Mobility is improved, with the participation of the citizen, now, not only the sensors, cameras, traffic, and regulatory bodies will be able to alert you to emergency situations in the race, traffic jams, sudden, accidents. E. M. A (Environmental Mobility Assistant) helps the user to understand everything that happens inside and outside the vehicle, but with the collaboration of the citizen the service is improved being able to help with the location, offering parking services, better routes, places of interest, alarms to established variations and know the position. In addition, there is the potential to create services that allow, for example, to tourists know more about the cities, but with real data of those that live there, allowing to enrich the information that we know thanks to the depth of historical data on the internet. You can create applications that allow rapid management of the administration data by allowing, through keys and personal information, the correction, or change on the part of the citizen of old data, thus increasing the efficiency of the management.

The purpose of CitiSim is not to create a platform that moves projects, It allows a total collaboration creating a global community of companies, projects, municipalities, and citizens. With all these possibilities and thanks to intelligent platforms like CitiSim, the collaboration of the citizens allow the municipalities to evolve towards a large data center, that could provide open information access for use by everyone generating greater transparency and trust towards the management of the data and these platforms.

Author: Joana Vicente Salas

Company: Abalia