Citizens benefits based in Smart Cities and Daily use technologies evolution

Citizens benefits based in Smart Cities and Daily use technologies evolution

Saturday, 20th of April of 2019

Speaking of Smart cities, we always think about how new technologies and communications create new environments converting modern cities in giant robots plenty of new and automatic functionalities. But what is the role of citizens on these new contexts? Are they really improving their lifestyles? Flatly yes.

Below, two main stages will be described: Traffic and movements in itinere, and cities security.

Traffic Context

Citizens life is the real focus of this new technological revolution. People deserves a daily life without worries about their security or time. Artificial Intelligence will take coordinate traffic lights and improve mobility services, reaching a new level of efficiency in which traffic jams are reduced drastically, autonomous cars can communicate between them and with city systems to plan an efficient route, reduce fuel consumption and pollution, move citizens faster between city locations and calculate new roads which could improve the cities communications based on Big Data generated on citizens behavior.

Safety and Security

About security, users reporting, analysis of social networks, camera systems and historical data about different kind of emergency situations like floods, hurricanes or earthquakes; can be used to provide a greater protection to citizens and merchants due to a better following up of criminal activities and accidents. Also, citizens reporting, sensors management and social networks real-time analysis can avoid bigger damages with quick actuation from emergency first responders, saving avoidable human, structure and economical losses.

Privacy and CitiSim role in Smart Cities

Of course, citizens privacy must be maintained by an ethical use of technologies that Governments and technical providers must ensure. CitiSim offers a platform in which technical partners could offer solutions to Administrations providing a common information interface between components and a security layer over the whole system.

Author: Javier Sánchez
Company: Answare