Citizen Incident Reporting for Smart Cities

Citizen Incident Reporting for Smart Cities

The concept of Smart Cities is based on urban development by integrating technologies and systems to efficiently and securely administrate the city resources. This concept has evolved in recent years and today we see a lot of initiatives in various stages of implementation which address various needs of both citizens and municipalities. Considering the large number of inhabitants of a city, everything becomes more complicated. Thus, due to their number and complexity, the problems of a city are more difficult to solve by the authorities. Given that cities are evolving every day, these problems can be addressed more easily by facilitating the collaboration between various stakeholders such as citizens, service providers and municipalities. In this context, the CitiSim Citizen Reporting service enhances this connection through a mobile application that allows the citizens to report events and receive information regarding various events happening in an area of interest.

Based on the event metadata, the report submitted by the citizen is directed to the responsible authorities and it is labeled based on the degree of urgency for addressing the issue. The metadata is derived from the text description and from the image provided by the user. The image is analyzed using an AI agent which identifies objects and events (i.e. ice on the road, fallen tree etc). When the problem is being acknowledged or solved, the citizen is notified through the mobile application or by email.

The main functionalities of the CitiSim Citizen Reporting application are the visualization of reported events on a heatmap, event reporting, objects / events recognition using AI, analysis of reporting history and notification regarding reported / solved issues.

Author: Teodora Usurelu

Company: Beia