Founded in 2002, Answare is a Spanish ICT-based SME operating in national and international markets. The portfolio includes the provision of ICT consultancy services and development of turn-key and R&D projects in a large spectrum of technological sectors (ICT, Telecommunications, AeroSpace, Defence, eHealth, Energy and Tourism).

Answare has various lines of R&D: Software & Services Engineering, Monitoring and control systems, Decision making systems (expert systems), Augmented Reality, 3D models, Optimization and Planning, Security, Mobility, and Geospatial Information Systems (GIS).

Answare has been involved in R&D projects at european level for FP6, FP7 and EUREKA clusters (ITEA2 / Software & Services, CELTIC / Telecommunications and EUROSTARS / SMEs), at national level (Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism and Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness Science) and also at regional level (Innovation Plan from the Madrid Community).

Answare has coordinated projects at European and National level among which:

  • Administrative Management of FP6 project HERMES (027110) – Human-Expressive Representations of Motion and their Evaluation in Sequence).
  • SEMOSA (ITEA2 10006) – Single European Open Mobile Services Area.
  • NAVIGA (EUROSTARS E!4583) – An Open and Adaptable Platform for the elderly people and persons with disability to access the Information Society.

Answare also provides active support in R&D&i issues to national institutions and associations such as the Centre for the Development of Technology and Industry (CDTI) and the Chamber of Commerce of the Madrid Community.

Answare is very active in national and European initiatives around Software & Services, being member of the Board and Steering Committee of NESSI (European Technological Platform for Software & Services) and being member of the Board of Directors of the Big Data Value Association (BDVA). Answare is also member of PLANETIC, the NESSI mirror in Spain.

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